Yvelines Heraldic Lions France

Yvelines Heradic Lions member Tony Russell meets Bourne Lions Margaret & Gordon lack

Bourne Lions Margaret & Gordon Lack whilst visiting family near Paris, met during the evening of Monday 11th June with Lion Tony Russell from Yvelines Heraldic Lions Club, Chambourcy, France.
Yvelines Heraldic Lions Club are the only english speaking club in France and is unique as its members comprise of different nationalities.
Founded in 2013 Yvelines Heraldic is unlike most Lions Clubs, supporting not just its local community but communities throughout the whole of France, breaking down language barriers and giving help and support to where it is needed.

An evening meal complimented with French wine and English real ale was enjoyed together with an exchange of ideas on how differently both clubs fundraise and the support given. Tony appeared impressed with the Bourne Lions Bus and Santa’s Sleigh .

Photo: Left to Right Lions Tony Russell, Margaret & Gordon Lack, exchanging club banners.