Almost 50 Years of Bourne Lions


Bourne Lions Charter CertificateIn 2025  Bourne Lions will be celebrating 50 years of serving the community of Bourne and beyond.
You probably know Bourne Lions best for their Santa sleigh which travels around the area in December, fundraising and bringing smiles to local children’s faces,

However this is not all they do!

Since its formation in 1974, Bourne and District Lions agreed to make helping local people and organisations its priority, and this principle is still being upheld today! With the club’s moto: “We Serve” in mind, members work timelessly to enhance the lives of the elderly and vulnerable of Bourne and the surrounding area.

The club, guided by the Lions Club of Spalding received its Charter on April 21st 1975 and is part of Lions Clubs International - the world’s largest service organisation.

Over the years many exciting fundraising events have been held, the Lions Pantomime being one of the first. Since then the club has performed to thousands of people, on occasions with standing room only! Other fantastic  events include: Old Time Music Hall, boxing matches, casino evenings,seafood suppers,carboot sales, charity golf days, a sponsored cycle ride to London and much more! Not forgetting of course, Santa’s annual visit with his sleigh,  to switch on the Christmas lights, which for many years were erected by the club along with the Christmas tree in the town centre.

Bourne Lions Blue BusThe Little Blue Lions Bus which was built in 1978 and is decked out in the Delaine Bus Company Livery, is still going strong. Every summer the mini bus visits fayre’s and fetes, giving rides and delighting a new generation of children.

The club takes great pride in having helped so many vulnerable people in need of a helping hand over the years but in order to continue more volunteers are needed to hop on board.

Anyone with a passion for their community can become a Lion, male, female, young and old - the only requirement is that you can offer some of your spare time to help others.

Past Presidents

1975 – 1976  Tom Beardsley
1976 -1977   Ron Alexander
1977 – 1978  Malcolm Fisher
1978 – 1979  John Megson
1979 – 1980  John Mendham
1980 – 1981  Lesley F. Mossman
1981 – 1982  Sidney Pegden
1982 – 1983  Richard J. Wells
1983 – 1984  Sidney R. Reedshaw
1984 – 1985  Keith Platt
1985 – 1986  Lesley B. R. Brown
1986 – 1987  Frank Reeves
1987 – 1988  David Soar
1988 – 1989  James James
1989 – 1990  David L. Dawson

1990 – 1991  Michael Cann
1991 – 1992  Lesley B. R. Brown
1992 – 1993  Graham E. Crane
1993 – 1994  Lesley Catt
1994 – 1995  Phillip Briggs
1995 – 1996  Anthony Field
1996 – 1997  Charles Anderson
1997 – 1998  Stephen Smith
1998 – 1999  Frank Reeves
1999 – 2000  Alistair Prentice
2000 – 2001 Desmond Dalton
2001 –  2002  Ramsey Cook
2002 – 2003  Graham E. Crane
2003 – 2004  Kevin Brown
2004 – 2005  Peter Grayson

2005 – 2006  Andrew Mather
2006 – 2007  Kevin B. Brown
2007 – 2008  David Brown
2008 – 2009  Jonathan D. Chudley
2009 – 2010  Michael Davis
2010 – 2011  NO PRESIDENT
2011 – 2012  Maryse Brown
2012 – 2013  Stephen Smith
2013 – 2014  Jonathan D. Chudley
2014 – 2015  Graham E. Crane
2015 – 2016 Frank Reeves
2016 – 2017  Kevin B. Brown
2017 – 2018  Maryse Brown
2018 – 2019  Lynne Roberts
2019 – 2020 Jonathan D. Chudley

2020 – 2021 Jonathan D. Chudley
2021 – 2022 Gordon A. Lack
2022 – 2023 Gordon A. Lack
2023 – 2024 Steve Wilson

Passed On Into Higher Service

Paul Crosby MemorialLion Paul Crosby joined Bourne Lions in 1980 and held several positions within the club over the years.  In 2017 he was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship, for his work with lions, which was presented to him at Charter Night with his family attending the event.

A quiet caring man who was devoted to his family and the community and can only be described as an Officer and a Gentleman. Paul was always on hand to help out, passing on his skills and knowledge to those that needed his help and advice.
He was the Clubs Lion Tamer, organising and looking after the club’s property. making sure it was available for any event.
Paul became ill in the preceding months before passing into higher service on the 11th November 2018. A man who will be sorely missed but not forgotten by his family, friends and others that knew him.

Photo: Bench at the Well Head Memorial Gardens, Bourne, erected in memory of Paul, facing Bourne Abbey Church where he worshipped regularly,

Bourne Lion Members that have passed on into Higher Service, Gone But Not Forgotten

Lion Ron Alexander (Charter Member)
Lion Sidney Pegden (Charter Member)
Lion Pat Elliot (Charter Member)
Lion David L. Dawson
Lion William Stevenson
Lion Don SaundersLion

Lion Malcolm Fisher (Charter Member)
Lion Richard Reeve (Charter Member)
Lion Keith Platt
Lion Phillip Briggs
Lion Lesley F Mossman

Lion John Mendham (Charter Member)
Lion Lesley  B. R. Brown (Charter Member)
Lion Norman Hunter (Charter Member)
Lion Anthony Field
Lion Jim James