Bourne & District Lions Club Certificates of Appreciation 2020


From the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) members from the community of Bourne and the surrounding villages have brought to the attention of Bourne Lions, certain individuals, teams and businesses that rose to the challenge of helping others within the community by providing food, physical and mental assistance, making and distributing Personal Protective Equipment, to those in need.

Lions Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following

Caring for the elderly and vulnerable

ButterfieldJenney Peel and the Butterfield Team
Photo: L-R Jenny Peel, Ian Short & Sue Casey
The Butterfield Centre cares for the elderly providing
Daycare, LunchClub, Meals on Wheels & Domestic Cleaning.

Requests for the Butterfield services have risen by over 100% since the start of COVID-19

Making and distributing PPE to the wider community

Jane Richardson has been collecting materials and
making scrubs and PPE for NHS workers, care homes
and other front line personel since the outbreak of the
current pandemic, getting  volunteers to collect and deliver
both locally and nationwide.

The Galletly and Hereward Medical Practices

Lion David Kaye

David KayeCetificate of AppreciationLion David Kaye Presented with Bourne Lions Certificate of Appreciation
For volunteering for a period of over 73 hours at the Spalding Centre during the Covid Pandemic

Morton & Hanthorpe Corona Virus Group

Kelly Grimwood organised a team of volunteers from the Village
of Morton and Hanthorpe Providing PPE, collecting and delivering
food shopping, parcels and presciptions to the elderly and vulnerable.
Kelly and her team have recognised vulnerable persons within the village
and will continue helping those in need  for the future.

Making and distributing Face Masks for the community

Felicity Rogan is no stranger in helping those in need
having physically helped communities in war torn areas of the world,
she took up her sewing machine and has produced  thousands of
face masks which she then donated to the community of Bourne



Who can forget the tireless work of the frontline workers of the NHS
and other emergency volunteers who look after the well being of the citizens of our Town and Village communities.
Working under stressfull conditions, putting their own health and well being before others as they continue the fight against this current pandemic.

Photo L-R Hereward Practice: Dr Ian Wheatley, Practice Manager Tracy Mason

Lion Jon Chudley

Lion Jon Chudley Certificate of ApprecationLion Jon Chudley presented with Bourne Lions  Certificate of Appreciation
For Vounteering at the Spalding Centre during the Covid Pandemic

Supermarkets providing Food and community support

Helen Jackson Manager Sainsbury'sThroughout each year three of the towns supermarkets have provided the Lions and other local Charities with generous support.

2020  has been an exceptional year since the start of the Covid pandemic, seeing in the beginning empty shelves through panic buying and in some cases unnecessary abuse towards staff who were just doing their job working in an environment where covid is easily spread.
Staff shortages due to self isolation has added an extra burden on the shop teams that ensure shelves are stacked and there is shopping for all.
In Store collections for Food Banks  has increased and surplus food given, which will undoubtedly be in more demand before the pandemic ceases to rise.

Bourne Lions Certificates of Appreciation as nominated have been presented to: The Management & Staff, Sainsburys,  Tesco's, M&S Food Hall