lci-logo-Bourne Lions Certificates of Appreciation 2022

During the month of April 2022, The President and members of Bourne Lions awarded Certificates of Appreciation to individuals and organizations of Bourne who have supported Bourne Lions and the communities of Bourne .


Roadphone NRBImage:  L-R Matt Bostock, Jill Clarke, Ian Haver, of Roadphone NRB
for their continued support of Bourne Lions throughout the years in Providing Personnel, transport, help and equipment for, Santa’s Sleigh and other Community events.

Image:  L-R Judy Miller, Caroline Dean, John Dunn of, Harrison & Dunn Hardware, for years of support in advertising and selling tickets for Bourne Lions events.

Image: Hannah Williams of Bourne Photographic for giving her time and photographic skills in covering Bourne Lions 1940’s events over the years to the club, This is very much appreciated.

Lion Paul woodmanImage: Lion Paul Woodman, for his dedicated support and expertise during the covid pandemic in distributing and organizing help within the communities of Lincolnshire.

Image: L-R Maureen & Struan Cornell, Maureen, for ensuring the operation of collecting and distributing food at the Bourne Food Bank and Struan for tirelessly delivering covid and medical supplies to communities in south Lincolnshire as well as ensuring the safety at the many public events within the Bourne Community

Lion Jon ChudleyImage:  Lion Jon Chudley, for his continued exemplary support to the Club and community.

Image: L-R Lion Noel (Jake) Jacobs 2nd VDG Paul Southerton
Jake’s untiring work as the clubs community officer, supporting within the local community the local food bank, church welfare and individuals needing humanitarian help.

Ian Bland has been an avid supporter of the Bourne Lions club and community events for many years.

Image: L-R President Gordon Lack, Claire Sabberton.Claire is the editor of Discovering Bourne Magazine, supporting the club with advertising our events. Claire is also heavily involved within the community of Bourne, chairing the Bourne Events Team and working tirelessly for the good of the community.