Bourne Tuneless Choir

Can’t sing …. will sing!

You can’t beat a good singalong to make yourself feel good… the health benefits of singing are enormous.  It releases endorphins, builds confidence, improves breathing… so don’t let being tuneless stop you.  Come along to Bourne Tuneless Choir and feel good and have FUN.   We are a choir for anyone who loves to sing but can’t hold a note…. There is no need to read music, remember words or hit the right note.  We sing from pop to rock, country to folk and everything in between! Songs you will know and have sung along to in the shower, in the bath or in your head. Now you can sing out loud with others.

If you are Tuneless, want fun and laughter then WE WANT YOU – Come and singalong with us at Bourne Lions Family Fun Day July 15th or Wednesday evening from 7.30pm – 9pm at Bourne Abbey Church.  Email or ring Linda on 07949057811.

Our Tuneless Choir is marvellous,

Our Tuneless Choir is fab!

Although we may be out of tune

We often don’t sound too bad!